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Grand Cayman, the largest of the three Cayman Islands is the perfect getaway for sun worshippers seeking total relaxation. The island’s leisurely pace is seductive and, coupled with the extreme hospitality of the locals, the pristine beaches and the tantalizing cuisine, it’s not hard to see why Grand Cayman is such a popular Caribbean getaway.

Situated just a few hundred miles from Jamaica, Grand Cayman has a totally distinctive culture that is uniquely its own. While it encompasses 76 square miles and is home to slightly more than 50,000 people, it is big on culture and island-style celebrations, including such popular festivities as the Batabano celebration, the Cayman Cookout, Pirates Week, Cocktail Week, Restaurant Month, Caymas Carnival and Flowers Sea Swim.

Among the most popular attractions is Seven Mile Beach, which is often recognized as one of the top beaches in the world. Whether you’re looking to pump up the adrenaline with aquatic thrills or seeking the ideal locale for a romantic end-of-the day sunset, you’ll soon find yourself falling in love with this crescent-shaped beach. Other popular island attractions include Grand Cayman Sting Ray City and Turtle Farm, where vacationers can cozy up to the island’s most popular aquatic residents.

Hungry? Grand Cayman is frequently dubbed the “culinary capital of the Caribbean,” in part because the local offerings are infused with exotic flavors and island spices. A walk along the beach around mealtime will always have you salivating, as aromas waft from the eateries, hinting at jerk chicken, conch, cassava, mahi, plantain and other local delicacies.

Shopping is another popular pastime in Grand Cayman, especially on the streets of George Town. From duty-free designer wear to local handicrafts, there are plenty of ways to pick up a distinctive souvenir. After the sun has disappeared behind the Caribbean Sea, this is the perfect time to let your hair down and enjoy some sweet island rhythms. Sip a cocktail or two while you mix and mingle with locals and visitors alike at the beach bars located along Seven Mile Beach.

Grand Cayman’s weather, a tropical savanna climate, is appealing all year long. Summer, when highs range from 80° F to 90° F, runs from June to October. The colder season, from December to March, will serve up lows of approximately 75° F and highs hovering around 80° F

The island’s main point of entry for overnight visitors is Owen Roberts International Airport. Taxis can easily be hailed at the airport or at the harbor in George Town as well as at all island resorts. Car rentals are also readily available. Visitors can also hop on a public bus, which starts operations at 6 a.m. daily and serves most points throughout the island.

For those looking to expand their vacation beyond Grand Cayman, the Sister Islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman provide even more intimate island experiences.

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