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Emerald mountains, deep valleys, and jagged cliffs make Waimea Canyon of Kauai a grand sight. This natural wonder offers majestic views of an extraordinary landscape, so beautiful you cannot fully grasp its majesty. Also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, it is often compared to its bigger relative (Arizona’s Grand Canyon); however, with such exquisite features, it stands on its own as a popular attraction and unique beauty of Kauai, Hawaii.


Enrooted more than 3,000 feet deep, and covering approximately 14 miles, its tremendous décor offers insight to a land before time. Red soil and volcanic remains leave footprints of the miraculous events that have caused one of earth’s most spectacular treasures. The Waimea Canyon is one of the reasons why Kauai is an exotic destination. Its splendor and adventures are unparallel, and it is an ideal location to explore life’s luxuries.

Kauai is the oldest and fourth largest of the Hawaiian Islands in the United States. Sometimes referred to as the Garden Isle, this is manifested in the vast mountainsides, dense forests, and striking beaches that surround the island. It is rich with culture and much of the heritage can be seen dotted along the island’s landscape.


Painted with coconut palm trees, the popular Coconut Coast showcases different faces of culture from water activities such as mountain tubing to historic attractions like the Sleeping Giant. In Lihue, visit the legendary Alekoko Menehune Fishpond and capture the beauty of the Wailua Falls as the water tumbles 80 feet into the Wailua River. The island’s South Shore also houses McBryde Garden, which was a backdrop in the movie, Jurassic Park; and the Koloa Heritage Trail, which serves as an open history book with presentations of historical landmarks. The island’s immaculate beaches also provide a gateway into a world of oceanic adventures from whale watching and kayaking to canoeing and snorkeling.

Your vacation will not be complete without shopping in the trendy shops, boutiques, markets and retail stores. Fashionistas can get their hands on “made in Hawaii” jewelry, fabrics, produces, and handicrafts; as well as international merchandise. The shopping districts are also a great way to meet the friendly natives and to indulge in the Hawaiian customs. At night, you can nestle under the stars and observe the thrilling performances of a Hawaiian luau. After indulging in delectable Hawaiian delicacies, the hypnotizing beats of live dances and music flow through the cool air.

The culinary temptations of Kauai are extraordinary. The gastronomy provides a taste of Hawaiian delicacies blended with multicultural influences. Throughout the island aromas from elegantly created foods like seafood, pork teriyaki chicken and beef, mango cilantro, fill the local restaurants. With the backdrops of gorgeous sceneries smooth sounds of live entertainment in the background, the vibes at the restaurants are irresistible. No matter what foods you may be craving, there is a plethora of cuisines that will delight any pallet.

Kauai experiences a subtropical climate. During the summer (June-October) the weather averages around the high 80s to mid 70s. In the winter (December-April) the temperatures fluctuate between the high 70s to mid 60s.

Lihue Airport is Kanai’s main gateway to the other Hawaiian Islands and locations around the world. Renting a car is a convenient way to discover the island’s famous attractions. Shuttles also provide sightseeing journeys to of some of the major sites and there are a variety of tours that travel to various scenic locations and tourist attractions. Get a bird’s eye view of the picturesque landscape by taking a helicopter or plane ride. However, strolling on the beach or through the island’s narrow pathways is a leisurely way to enjoy the weather and overwhelming beauty.

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