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Mirroring a scene from Mars, Keahiakawelo, also referred to as the Gardens of the Gods, is a fascinating sight. Hundreds of mysterious rock formations are scattered throughout the desert-like landscape. This natural wonder brightens in the sunlight as colors of red, purple, and orange are illuminated from the rocks’ bizarre structures and unique soil. So stunning, there are many legendary beliefs to what may have caused such an interesting manifestation of the power of erosion.


Since the garden appears to be located just below the sky, it is possible to catch views of the islands of Oahu and Molokai on a clear day. Keahiakawelo is an example of why Lanai, Hawaii is considered to be Hawaii’s Most Enticing Island. With two Four Seasons hotels and many other luxurious amenities, it is an exotic destination filled with hidden treasures lurking throughout its captivating sceneries.

Lanai is the smallest of the Hawaiian Islands in the United States. This historic pineapple exporter is a cultural and thrilling island blessed with acres of untamed forests, striking beaches, thrilling trails, and green hills. Elevated at approximately 1600 feet, the Munro Trail takes you on a scenic excursion through a rainforest and offers astonishing sights of the other Hawaiian Islands. Kaunola Village is a cultural town with exhibits of petroglyphs, a sacred temple and Kehekili’s Leap, a 60ft cliff.


To explore the wonders of nature, the Kanepuu Preserve is home to over 40 species of Lanai’s exotic plants specifically found in Hawaii. Kaiolohia, Shipwreck Beach offers a unique display of a shipwrecked boat dating back to the 1940s. With miles of pristine beaches, the crystal clear waters are home to Lanai’s exquisite marine animals such as whales and dolphins.

Feel the true “Aloha” experience by shopping at the local art galleries, shops and boutiques located in Lanai City. The peaceful shopping district provides a hassle free environment for shop-a-holics who are in dire need to grab Hawaii’s latest trends while soaking in the pleasant weather and meeting the friendly locals. Everything from clothes and jewelry to handicrafts and artifacts are located within reach and readily available for your shopping pleasure.

The restaurants of Lanai overflow with culinary temptations. Lanai City is the location to savor the exotic flavors of the island that are prepared by skillful chefs. Whether you are a cautious food critic or a daring food lover, there are a great variety of delicious cuisines that will delight your pallet. From Hawaiian specialties to international feasts, you will truly be amazed by the aromas and tastes of such regional dining, while sipping on colorful cocktails and enjoying the majestic atmosphere.

Lanai Island experiences a savanna tropical climate with the seasons being typically dry. During the summer (July-October) the temperatures averages from a high within the 80s to the high 60s. In the winter (November-April) the weather ranges from the high 70s to low 60s.

Lanai Airport is the main gateway to the other Hawaiian Islands and major cities around the world. From the resorts and hotels there are shuttles available to the airport and various sites. The Lahaina-Lanai Ferry provides daily trips between Maui and Lanai. The best way to explore the island’s attractions is to reserve a four wheel drive to trek the hilly trails, beaches, dirt roads, and attractions such as the Garden of the Gods, Polihua Beach, KanePuu Reserve, and Munru Trail. Lanai is also a fun destination to horseback ride of hike along the mountainsides and green pathways.

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