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Where the turquoise sea meets miles of beautiful landscape, Maui, Hawaii is a picture perfect paradise. The island’s unparallel beauty can be seen throughout the pristine beaches, stunning attractions, and picturesque communities. So, exquisite is its landscapes, Maui has been featured in Conde Nast Traveler many times as the Best Island. The Haleakala National Park preserves Maui’s natural habitats such as waterfalls, rivers, and wildlife. Standing over 10,000 feet, the park’s glorious hills provide magnificent backdrops of sunsets and acres of pastoral and tropical sceneries.


Whether you chose to horseback ride, hike, or drive up the massive slopes, you will truly be amazed by the wonderful sights waiting at the top of the mountainsides. This is one of the reasons why Maui entices many visitors to its magical ambiance and stunning features. It is a destination where time seems to stand still and a place where you can truly enjoy the luxuries of life.

Known as the “Magic Isle”, Maui is the second largest island of Hawaii. It is a cultural island that is filled with adventures and striking sites. The ocean is a gateway to an underworld of fun. You can experience a real-life 3D viewing of the many species of tropical marine animals that decorate the sea by snorkeling or swimming with turtles. Maui’s waters also offer thrilling oceanic views of observing the way humpback whales behave in their natural habitats. For cultural experiences, there are numerous attractions the manifest the island’s heritage. The town of Lahaina is a journey into Maui’s past with preservations of important collections such as the Wo Hing Temple and Hale Paahao. Kula is the idealistic location to see how Maui produces its famous onions and to smell the sweet aromas coming from the exotic flowers of the botanical gardens. Kula is also home to the lavender farm, coffee and protea farm, and the Holy Ghost Church, which was a reward from Portugal’s royal family to the plantation workers in the late 1800s.

Along the tropical landscapes are trendy shops and boutiques overflowing with Hawaiian souvenirs. Shop-a-holics will have the time of their lives shopping for genuine “made in Hawaii” merchandise with panoramic views of the majestic backgrounds. Maui Crafts Guild offers a plethora of handicrafts such as jewelry, woven baskets, and ceramics. The Whalers Village attracts many visitors with its provisions of trendy shops and restaurants.


The ABC stores also give tourists the opportunity to nourish their journey with authentic products specifically sold in Hawaii. By night, local bars and restaurants transform into a vibrant social scene. At the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel tourists are introduced to Hula shows while the pulsating beats of music fill the air. In addition, local bars provide panoramic views, great music, and Maui’s trademark cocktail and treats.

The culinary feasts of Maui are phenomenal. Feast your senses on luxurious cuisines made from the island’s ingredients and spices. Maui’s makes great use of the products that are freshly picked out of the island’s farms, gardens, and waters. Fish, meats, vegetables, and fruits provide profound aromas and delicacies that will definitely make your mouth water. Chefs are also masters at preparing international foods influenced by their multicultural visitors. No matter what you are craving, the dining experience of Maui will please any food connoisseur.

Maui experiences pleasant temperatures throughout the course of a year but the leeward areas are known to be drier than the windward. During the summer (May-October), the weather averages around the 80s to low 90s. In the winter (November-April), the temperatures typically fluctuate between the 70s and 80s.

Getting around Maui is pretty convenient. Travel Plaza Transportation provides tours around Maui’s fascinating sites. The Lahaina-Lanai Ferry is a deluxe form of transportation between Maui and Lanai. Renting a car is also a convenient way to travel at your own pace. However, the best way to enjoy Maui’s lavish sceneries and ambiance is by taking leisurely strolls along the narrow trails.

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