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Aloha! You are cordially invited to feast your eyes on one of Hawaii’s most striking locations and natural beauties. Glistening like a diamond in the blue ocean, O’ahu, Hawaii is an idyllic destination. It is the perfect combination of land and sea, where its cultural luxuries can be found lurking throughout the island’s impeccable landscape.

Vast mountain tops provide unimaginable panoramic sceneries and green trails lead to flowing cool waters of streams and waterfalls. Whether you choose to explore O’ahu’s history or surf the giant waves of the great blue ocean, you cannot escape the Hawaiian way of life that seems to burst at the seams. With such accommodations filled with splendor, O’ahu is an ideal vacation spot where you can fill your heart’s desires and bask in the extravagances of life.

O’ahu is the third largest island of theHawaii islands in the United States. It is home to a multicultural population of natives and much of its economy is based on the agriculture and tourism industries. Also known as the “Gathering Place”, its powerful magnetism attracts tourists with miles of beauty and thrills. The crystal clear ocean water of Waikiki is a gateway of fun for adventure seekers such as scuba diving and canoeing among the bright color fish that decorate the sea.

Once entertaining Hawaiian royalty this quaint district offers an endless supply of appealing activities like stepping back into time by strolling along the Historical Trail or exploring Waikiki’s wildlife at The Waikiki Aquarium or Honolulu Zoo. The capital city of Honolulu invites you on a tour of Hawaii’s many facades of culture through the interesting sites of museums, festivals, monumental landmarks, and art galleries. O’ahu’s mystical Chinatown also offers an array of attractions like the historic Iolani Palace, Aloha Tower, and displays of Hawaiian artistry, and local shops. In addition, fly in the island’s blue skies and get a bird’s eye view of the majestic tropical surroundings by skydiving, parasailing, or by riding a helicopter.

O’ahu offers an extraordinary shopping experience. Throughout the island you will find various duty free shops, boutiques, markets, and popular stores populated with authentic Hawaiian souvenirs and everyday merchandise. Elaborately painted with eccentric jewelry, fabrics, produce, and artistic collections, shoppers will have a great time finding the best quality products specifically made and sold in Hawaii.

By night the picturesque streets become an intense disco with pulsating music echoing from the local bars and clubs, with the tastes of colorful cocktails. The lively streets of Chinatown are especially known to attract party goers with its bar hopping environment, live music, and vibrant atmosphere. Also, partake in a traditional Hawaiian luau and watch the skillful hula performances of musicians and fire knife dancers as they light up the stage.

The gastronomy of O’ahu is a cultural phenomenon. The charming restaurants provide delicacies made from ingredients grown on the island and backdrops of the island’s fascinating background. Food lovers can feast their senses on authentic, culinary temptations such as pork, steak, mahimahi, chicken teriyaki, rice, and specialties like loco moco and malasada, which are uniquely prepared by talented chefs.

There is also an abundance of international specialties that are influenced by the island’s diverse residents. Chai Island Bistro is offers exotic cuisines and drinks, while performers entertain its audience. On the other hand, Soul de Cuba Café is known for its superb Cuban specialties and lively ambiance.

O’ahu experiences a tropical savanna climate. During the summer (June-October) the temperature typically averages around the mid 70s to the low 90s. In the winter (November-April) the weather fluctuates between the mid 60s to the mid 80s.

Honolulu International Airport serves as the major gateway to O’hau and to major destinations in Hawaii and the rest of the world. The island’s public transportation, TheBus, offers thorough tours of the wonderful sites. The trolley is also a convenient and inexpensive way to reach some O’hau’s major attractions. To travel at your own pace, taxis can be found by hotels and in the shopping districts.

Renting a car is also accessible for tourists who choose to travel independently. A great way to soak in the pleasant weather and surroundings is to rent a moped or bike. In addition, O’hau is a great place to hike or take long strolls along the high slopes of the Diamond Head Crater, striking beaches, and numerous trails leading to interesting treasures.

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