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The people of St. John Island are always eager to share the history of their communities and culture. Everywhere you look throughout this beautiful island you’ll get a glimpse of the islands history and a feel for the people. The Annaberg Sugar Plantation boasts the rich history of the island’s agriculture and also plays host to many exhibitions throughout the year as well as concerts and arts and crafts fairs.

Self-guided tours can be taken through the Annaberg Historic Trail, where visitors will pass through several restored ruins as well as plantation grounds. Along the Reff Bay Trail in the Virgin Islands National Park, Petroglyphs can be seen that were created by the Arawak Indians. Other tours are available throughout the island that will acquaint the island’s visitors with the ancient folklore associated with St. John as well as the amazing wildlife of the island.

If the arts is what you’re after stop by the Elaine Lone Sprauve Library and Museum for a fun filled, educated visit. The library and museum is located near Cruz Bay in a restored plantation greathouse. Guests will be impressed by the photographs and newspapers that display the fascinating details of the island’s history. Work done by local artists such as paintings and drawings can also be seen hanging on the walls throughout the museum.

If digging in the dirt is something you love to do, volunteer at the Cinnamon Bay archaeological dig where you’ll be helping to uncover 500 years of the Taino Indians ceremonial activity. You’ll also uncover Danish plantation ruins. Vacationers to the island are always welcome and are encouraged to not only visit the site, but to join in the digging as well.

There are several beautiful beaches, bay areas and plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment options that can be found throughout this Caribbean island as well.

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