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A melting pot of diversity with an ever-expanding palate of distinct flavors, traditions, beliefs and subcultures, the United States is a country endowed with see-to-believe sights and soaring possibilities. Because of this variety and diversity, the U.S. is a nation that’s hard to pin down. Each area is grouped into its own microcosm that is full of unmistakable traits, and it’s these distinctions that make each part of the country genuinely American.


The United States is home to the jazz-fueled streets of New Orleans, the sea salt air of Maine and the electricity of New York City. From the friendly hellos and corn fields of the Midwest, to the baked desert sunsets of the Southwest and that California cool that runs along the West Coast, this vast country is infused with sprawling natural beauty and regional charm.

As a country founded on the concept of immigration, it’s no wonder that the United States is one of the most ethnically diverse places in the world. Drop by the colorful festivities of a powwow on a Native American reservation. Hit Miami for spicy salsa clubs and Latin cuisine. Or take it easy in Tennessee with some blues and BBQ. Some of America’s greatest traditions and staples were born from immigrants who helped to build the foundations for the United States that is alive today.

Whether you come seeking the untouched wilderness of Alaska, the tropical wonderland of the Hawaiian Islands, monuments and museums of Washington, D.C. or the fertile vineyards of Wine Country in Northern California, the United States shares itself with its guests in a way no other country can.

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