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Before becoming a popular tourist magnet, Waikiki blessed many of Hawaii’s royals with its sun kissed beaches and lackadaisical attitude. Not only is this beachfront a haven for travelers looking for aquatic adventures, it also entices its guests with exotic treasures lurking in its restaurants, boutiques, and attractions.


Sitting on the south shore of Honolulu in Oahu Island, this Hawaiian paradise offers a great mixture of modern and antique as its narrow trails rich with iconic landmarks provide insight into its long history; while its resorts offer luxurious amenities with backdrops of the majestic ocean. Waikiki, Hawaii is a dynamic destination bursting at the seams with beauty and exoticness flowing from the bottom of the Pacific to the 360 degree views nestled atop the 760-foot Diamond Head Crater.

Affectionately recognized as “spouting waters” by its locals, Waikiki is a top-notch beachfront attracting a wealth of travelers with its timeless adventures of land and sea. With such a profound culture, it is quite easy to become magnetized by this Hawaiian way of life. Beginning at the Royal Hawaiian Center, the Waikiki’s Historic Trail leads to a world of discovery and rediscovery as you come across its iconic gems blessing everyone with the colorful fragrance of the past.


Capture a close glimpse to its exquisite wildlife at the Waikiki Aquarium and Honolulu Zoo, or explore the ocean floor in the Atlantis Submarine. Deeply rooted in history, the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii brings to life the state’s primitive eras with its décor of collections and exhibitions relating to the Vietnam War. Situated on Kuhio Beach, The Duke Kahanamoku Statue is also a fascinating sight, as it pays homage to the renowned swimmer.

The façade of Waikiki Beach Walk as well as its vibrant streets makes the beachfront a shopper’s paradise. What better way than to nourish your journey with “made in Hawaii” knickknacks and handicrafts like jewelry and clothing. Behind every door there is a wide spectrum of merchandise made specifically for your buying pleasure. After a day of sightseeing and shopping, dress to kill and head to the local hotspots intoxicating the air with hypnotic sounds of music and cocktails. Kalakaua Avenue brightens underneath the diamond-filled sky with live musical entertainment. From hula performances to jazz and Hawaiian melodies, the nightlife of Waikiki is a festive affair.

The gastronomy of Waikiki is a special treat for every food lover. Grown out of the rich soil, its cuisines are cooked to perfection with local ingredients and spices, made to tantalize the taste buds of those lucky enough to savor their rich flavors. Seafood and seasoned meats as well as fresh vegetables and fruits are among the mouthwatering dishes that fill the menus of Waikiki’s quaint restaurants.

Waikiki experiences a tropical savanna climate. During the summer (June-October) the temperature typically averages around the mid 70s to the low 90s. In the winter (November-April) the weather fluctuates between the mid 60s to the mid 80s.

There are several ways to navigate around Waikiki. Buses and trolleys can be found around its shopping districts, resorts as well as the Waikiki beach. For $15, the Speedishuttle services rides between Waikiki’s resorts and the airport. In addition, Taxi prices are normally set and will transport you to your desired destination. Shuttles are also available for travel to various attractions. Waikiki’s surroundings can also be explored by hiking through its different walking trails.

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